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Breast Lift Surgery in Houston Texas

Houston, Texas's Sugar Land offers breast lift surgery. An operation to lift and reshape sagging breasts is referred to as a breast lift or mastopexy. Skin loses some of its elasticity as women get older, which can make the breasts lose their natural firmness and form. The goal of this medical cosmetic operation is to lift the breasts and give them a younger appearance. It is also possible to combine a breast lift with a breast enlargement procedure. Arguments for Breast Lift Consideration lift the breasts to compensate for drooping brought by by gravity and aging. If breasts have lost volume as a result of pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, firm the breasts. If your nipples or areolas point downward or to the side, adjust them. regain your natural suppleness after losing weight. Normative Practice A breast lift operation typically lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours. Although there are other reconstruction methods, the most typical one includes making an anchor-shaped incision down the underside of the breast. The incision defines how the nipple will be repositioned by going around the area where skin will be removed. The nipple and areola are raised after the extra skin has been removed. To restructure the breast, the skin around the areola is pulled together and lowered down. Some individuals may be candidates for modified treatments requiring smaller incisions, notably those with relatively tiny breasts and little drooping. One such technique is the "doughnut (or concentric) mastopexy," in which a doughnut-shaped portion of skin is excised after making circular incisions around the areola. Minimal incision techniques and nipple sensation reduction operations are recent advancements in breast lift techniques. The implant will be positioned in a pocket under the breast tissue or beneath the muscle of the chest wall if the patient is also having a breast implant implanted at the same time as the breast lift. Process of Recovery In order to hasten the healing process and recuperation time, post-operative instructions typically advise getting lots of rest and restricting movement. Following plastic surgery, bandages are put on to help the healing process and limit breast mobility. The patient must wear a customized surgical bra for several weeks after the bandages are taken off. Patients can have slight discomfort following cosmetic surgery, which is manageable with oral medicine. Even though complications are uncommon, patients can reduce their likelihood by carefully adhering to the post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon.

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Dr. John T. Nguyen, MD

Buccal fat pad reduction removes fat from the cheek area through a small incision inside the mouth. Hence there are no visible scars. This patient is approximately 1 week post-op from #buccalfatpadremoval and #liposuction of the neck. Her face looks so much slimmer and jawline is much more defined! She is so thrilled and so are we! 💉👵➡👨‍⚕️ : Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists 👨‍⚕️🏢 : Dr. John T. Nguyen, MD 🏥👵➡👨‍⚕️ : Sugar Land Plastic Surgery 🖥: 📍 : Sugar Land, TX 29.60197227575399, -95.62577210527297 J92F+QM Sugar Land, Texas #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgeonhouston #plasticsurgeryhouston #DrJohnTNguyenMD #houston #cosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgeon #sugarland #texas

Sugar Land Plastic Surgery

We want to share our gorgeous patient’s results, 2 weeks out from her treatment! Products & Duration: Voluma, up to 2 years/ Juvederm Ultra, up to 1 year/ Botox, 3 months. Areas addressed: Frown lines, crows feet, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionettes. Downtime: Minimal Treatment time: 30 minutes Injector: DeAnna, RN #houston #injectables #plasticsurgeon #juvederm #botox #refreshed #houstoninjector #nurseinjector #htx #selflove #selfcare #allergan #cheeks 💉👵➡👨‍⚕️ : Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists 🏥👵➡👨‍⚕️ : Sugar Land Plastic Surgery 🖥: 📍 : Sugar Land, TX 📞 : +12819808000 29.60193683026058, -95.62568800395853 J92F+QP Sugar Land, Texas #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgeonhouston #plasticsurgeryclinic #medicalclinic #plasticsurgeryhouston #SugarLandPlasticSurgery #houston #cosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgeon #sugarland #texas

Breast Lift - Breast Reduction in Houston Texas

Breast Lift - Breast Reduction in Houston Texas Breast Lift Surgery in Houston Texas Breast Lift - Breast Reduction in Houston Tex...